Director: Penny Marshall
Areas Featured: The walking piano at FAO Schwarz

No scene has spurred more childhood fantasies than when man-child (literally) Josh (Tom Hanks) impresses the boss with his fancy footwork on an over-sized floor piano. The memorable scene, which was filmed on location at FAO Schwarz, features Josh and his initially reluctant boss leaping to and fro, hammering out the notes of "Chopsticks" and "Heart and Soul" with only their feet.

It's Josh's unreserved joy that lands him the job as the official toy tester of MacMillan, and it's the dough he earns doing the job that allows him to fill his spacious New York City loft with a Pepsi machine, a trampoline, and a pinball machine, inflaming the jealousy of every 10-year-old human alive. When we network, we leave with business cards and sympathy. Clearly, we're doing it wrong. -SC