Medium: TV series

Roughly half of Entourage sees Vince and E obsessing over one script that they deem to be their ultimate passion project: a Pablo Escobar biopic by the name of Medellin. They're convinced it could be the next Scarface.

When they finally make and release the film in the fourth season, the bonehead decision to give loose-cannon director Billy Walsh final cut over the project leads to critics and audience members all but throwing tomatoes at the screen during its debut in Cannes. This sounds crazy today, but Scarface received intensely negative reception upon its initial release, with Brian De Palma even earning a Razzie for Worst Director.

From what little viewers see of the actual film, Medellin features Vinny Chase trying to do a Colombian drug lord riff similar to what Pacino did as the Cuban Montana, only failing miserably and epically, with a fat suit that looks like it too was made in '83.