The 25 Best Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Right Now

Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011

DirectorAndrew Rossi

Typically we don't list the stars when discussing documentaries, as there aren't any in the traditional sense. Documentaries are populated with real people, people you often wouldn't pay attention to if they walked in a room. But Andrew Rossi's acclaimed documentary about The New York Times does have a star, is propelled by a larger-than-life figure: David Carr. A media and culture columnist for The Grey Lady, Carr spends most of the film explaining why print media is important, why it won't die, and why all us bloggers are silly for waiting on its demise. And he's convincing.

Of course it helps that Carr is a superhero with a remarkable origin story. A former addict, Carr wrote a book where he investigated the shit he got into during his time using—because it was a blur to him. He's a real character, and he turns Page One from what would have been a very good documentary into something great.



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