Gamer: Siglemic
Game: Super Mario 64

This speed run was impressive because unlike Super Mario Bros. it required more than just getting from point 'A' to point 'B.'

To simply beat the game you only need to get 70 stars but in this speed run, "Siglemic" gathers all 120 in less than 105 minutes. He does this by using creative ways to finish goals and utilizing Mario's entire repertoire, which is so ridiculously athletic it would put Gabby Douglas to shame.

At roughly the length of a feature film we don't expect you to watch the entire run now, but if you give it a chance we think you'll realize that it would be a more than adequate substitute for a date night at the movies. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate Siglemic's cunning ability to pull off some of those tricky wall jumps with that spastic 3D platforming camera that was so common back in 1996.

Honestly, the memorization on these more complex and longer speed runs is a remarkable skill that if put to proper use would result in "Siglemic" becoming a multibillionaire captain of industry instead of the first guy to ever crack an hour and forty five minutes while getting all 120 stars in Mario 64.