If moving a show to Friday nights is the figurative kiss of death in television, moving it Saturday nights is just as good as holding a gun to it. So, bad news Smash fans: NBC is going to move the show to Saturday nights at 9 PM starting April 6th, to make way for the premiere of The Voice. The second season of the New York-set series will then finish its 17-episode run on Saturday nights.

A renewal after that point seems unlikely; the show has been struggling with ratings since it premiered last year, and even major creative changes behind-the-scenes - and the addition of former Gossip Girl showrunner Josh Safran - hasn't done much to make critics and fans alike stop tuning in just to hate-watch. Case-in-point: The most recent episode only pulled in 2.9 million viewers, which is dismal for a huge network like NBC. 

Is this the time to make some sort of 'Smash is smushed' joke? We'll spare you.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]