This divorce is proof that size matters. Zhang and Zhou, a couple from Taiwan, have divorcedprimarily because Zhou literally did not measure up to Zhang's standards. The former couple met five years ago but dated for just five months, during which the 55-year-old Zhou refused to have sex, claiming that he believed premarital sex was a sin. 

This led to tremendous disappointment for Zhang on their wedding night. The 52-year-old reportedly told a local newspaper "His penis is so small, like a kid's, only 5cm [2"] long." Either she's the size queen of all size queen's or, Zhou doesn't have any other redeeming qualities.

Zhou is also impotent and refused to seek treatment for it, Zhang says. Zhou says his erectile dysfunction is "elective" rather than medical, as the two could never agree on when to have sex. Though they tried to make it work, they decided splitting up was for the best.

They're clearly on different planets.

[via Gawker]