Mad Men premieres in just one (!) week, but a few critics have already seen Sunday's two-hour premiere, "The Doorway," in order to review it. Per Matthew Weiner's orders, they haven't revealed any spoilers, but the new season sounds like a juicy one.


Roger (John Slattery) has been leaning towards the "existential crisis" that's plagued Don Draper (Jon Hamm) since the beginning. He's getting divorced, again, and had an illuminating LSD trip last season. So, Roger gets a shrink. 

As Tim Goodman's review in The Hollywood Reporter points out, in season one, Roger scoffed at therapy rather era-appropriately. "Psychiatry is just this year’s candy-pink stove," he said. "It’s just more happiness." This time though, he still doesn't believe in psychiatry, he's running out of answers. 

Meanwhile, Don isn't as happy as he thought his new life would make him, but we all saw that coming. The question is, how's he going to deal with it? 

"Season 6 should be really special," Goodman writes. "Maybe with all that window gazing, someone might yet jump out of one like they do in the credits." Is it April 7 yet?

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[via THR]