According to police, a patient at a Brooklyn psychiatric ward beat another man to death in the shower after a game of dominoes gone horribly wrong. The two had previous issues, and a "verbal altercation" took place prior to the attack, which occurred on the eighth floor of the Interfaith Medical Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Tuesday. However, a hospital spokeswoman said there was no indication of what was to come as the two men played dominoes.

“To our knowledge, the patients were playing a friendly game of dominoes,” said Melissa Krantz said. “There was no anger or raised voices over the game."  The 47-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene, and the 20-year-old aggressor moved to the psychiatric unit at King's County Hospital for questioning. 

According to Krantz, both paitents were moved to the shower area following the game. Though there are no cameras in the area, guards are positioned outside of the facility and listen for trouble. They didn't hear anything on Tuesday.

While Krantz says she wouldn't question the police report, she mentioned the possibility that the victim sustained the injuries during a fall during a " heart attack or seizure." The names of the victim and the attacker have not been released, and charges have yet to be filed.

[via NY Daily News]