Need a new button-up for a job interview later this week? For now, you'll have to visit a store, try on a few options and walk out with a brand-new shirt. But, in a few decades, you'll be able to print clothes in the perfect color, style and size right in your bedroom or living room.

The mind-blowing concept for The Clothing Printer comes from industrial designer Joshua Harris. The proposed 3D-clothing printer will be mounted on a wall. Patrons can buy digital designs from top brands. Companies like J.Crew or Gap can sell printer cartridges of material or thread instead of ink, according to the designers.

The Clothing Printer could make closets, washers and dryers obsolete, too. The idea is for patrons to wear the 3D-printed shirt once or twice and to stick it back into the machine to be broken back down into thread which can be re-printed. The conceptual project was a semifinalist in the annual Electrolux design competition in 2010.

[via Brit+Co]