Most Overrated Feature: Castro Street
Most Overrated Person: Mark Zuckerberg
Most Overrated Moment: Facebook going public

Though San Fran is often described as being comprised entirely of "hipsters and hippies," the city also has one of the highest rents in the country. Whether you identify as a treehugger or fixie rider, if you can afford these rents, you are also likely a poser.

There are some wonderful hobbies that San Franciscans engage in. One of these beloved pastimes is protesting. As Adam Todd Brown wrote, "San Francisco loves to protest. I was never able to locate it, but I'm pretty sure there's a storefront somewhere in that city where you can just walk in and rent an ethnically diverse group of people to chant in the streets on your behalf for a few hours."

Despite their love of taking to the streets, the city's well-known counter-cultural edge has been dulled in recent years. Bay Area blogger Jonathan Harris said, "Jerry Garcia and Harvey Milk are long gone, Dianne Feinstein supported the invasion of Iraq, and mom loves the classy boutiques run by the clean-cut gentlemen on Castro Street. What happened?"

If you decide to seek out one of these "classy boutiques," you'll likely engage in another favorite activity of San Franciscans—wading through the maze of homeless and naked people who populate the streets. The natural beauty of area is intensified when a naked man screams at you. If you have had enough of the great outdoors, pop into a neighborhood bar for a microbrew, where you can hear the local gossip. If you think the idle chatter where you grew up was boring, look forward to the mind-numbing tech gossip and prepare to experience new depths of dullness.

But, hey, look on the bright side—at least inside the bar they're wearing clothes.