Most Overrated Feature: South Beach night life
Most Overrated Person: Pitbull
Most Overrated Moment: When you came here for spring break

Not only are the Heat all that people from Miami want to talk about, but the players are the only people who can afford the South Beach lifestyle. The overpriced, bottle service life that poisons the pockets of people in cities like New York and Philadelphia runs roughshod over Miami's scene.

This Patron-friendly attitude also attracts the clientele who helped earned Miami top honors in LivingSocial's search for The Vainest City in America. Though there is a strong musical tradition in Miami, little other culture exists outside of titty bars, and many residents feel that government and business interests have no interest in changing that.

The only time young people come to Miami is for spring break debauchery, which might be why Miami is among the top five cities young people are fleeing.  When asked about the departure of young, talented professionals by the Miami Herald, one woman said, "I can't think of one friend in South Florida who has a successful career."

Rather than encourage a youth movement and the expansion of the middle class, shortsighted moves have been the order of the day. In recent years, pricey condos and casinos has ensured that things aren't going to get better any time soon.