Most Overrated Feature: Large portion sizes
Most Overrated Person: The Jonas Brothers
Most Overrated Moment: The opening of Cowboys stadium

Everything is bigger in Texas, from the jumbotrons, to the shopping malls, to the people. The Dallas/Fort Worth metro area has more shopping malls than Texas law makers have secession threats; locals report a sense of déjà vu as they pass through the endless line of chain stores.

It's good that citizens don't have to travel too far to get to their favorite mall because they might get winded; Dallas is always jockeying with other Texas cities for spots near the top of "fattest cities" lists. Those of you who have had enough of lazy, dirty bohemians after that one college lit. class will be happy to know that Dallas was voted the least "hipster friendly" city last year by Travel & Leisure magazine.

While you may have no love for hipsters, bear in mind that categories like "live music," and "independent boutiques" were used to determine this rating; even the least hipster-like among you likely prefer these bohemian necessities over shopping malls. Another study found that Dallas was the worst city for cyclists. Even if you rely on public transportation, you won't be happy to hear Dallas is also the worst city for drunk driving.

You know what? "Hipster-friendly" doesn't sound that bad.