Playing video games against friends is always an awesome experience but playing against an actual athlete would be a completely different animal. OverDog plans to bridge the accessibility gap by allowing gamers to play and interact with their favorite sports stars through titles ranging from Halo and Call of Duty to Madden, FIFA and other titles.

Currently in their fundraising phase on Kickstarter, OverDog promises a long list of athletes from a wide range of sports like Matt Forte, David Price, Heath Herring, Lance Briggs and many more. 

The way it works is that you download the mobile app (iOS, Android a bit later), punch in your gamertag or PSN name and you'll start to receive challenges from the athletes. If you accept, you may be randomly selected to play against the player who issued the challenge. After that happens, you'll be automatically "friended" from the athlete's Live or PSN account and entered into a match up. Video of the bout is recorded as well so you can relive the moment whenever you want.

OverDog plans to go into beta in April so if you want to toss your hat into the ring, check out their Kickstarter page for all the info.