A recent study conducted by Penn State University (of all places) claims that attending college may actually decrease your chances of becoming an alcoholic. There's a catch, however—you have to be the rose that grew from the concrete and made it to college. 

Confused? Maybe this will help:

The researchers found that college enrollment may actually prevent adult substance abuse among youth who might not be expected to attend college because of factors such as low household income and low maternal education. Specifically, they found that adults would be more than six times more likely to engage in problem drinking at age 33 if they did not attend college, compared to if they did attend.

So if you're that diamond in the rough who attended college against all odds, you won't be a pathetic drunk by the time you're 33. Then again, there's always the argument that despite how much liquor you drink in college, nobody actually becomes an alcoholic until they graduate. Anyway, expect enrollment to increase this fall.

Nobody wants to become a drunk.

[via Gawker]