Many people hold down regular jobs while dreaming of turning their hobbies into stardom. Unfortunately for Irvington, NJ police officer Maurice Gattison, his rap alter ego of "Gat the Great" has landed him under investigation because of his video for "Temper Like An Alcoholic." 

The Star-Ledger says that the video "embodies all the bad stereotypes of a 1990s 'gangsta rap' video." That's a pretty generic statement, no? This is what the clip consists of:

Three other men flank Gat as the broad-shouldered emcee with the booming voice spits out various homophobic slurs and promise violence against his rivals. One man swings a medieval mace, and a handgun can be seen on "Gat’s" hip... In another video, Gat is decked out in a gaudy fur coat and raps from the driver’s seat of an expensive car. He calls himself a "felon for life" and warns other rappers they may have to "meet (his) Smith & Wesson," while pretending to fire a gun at the camera.

Those three other men are "decorated" officers, and are also under investigation for their cameo appearances. Police Director Joseph Santiago told the Star-Ledger: "The Irvington Police Department has standards of conduct that apply to on-duty and off-duty behavior." 

"Those standards have consistently been applied in circumstances where the officer’s private behavior undermines the police department’s position in the community or creates the impression that its members may not be able to fairly enforce the law," he added.

Oddly enough, Capt. Dwayne Mitchell reportedly asked Gattison to perform at the department holiday party last year. Gattison, who says his love of the mic goes back to his teenage days, called his rap career harmless "lyrical exercise." As for his name, he must've realized that "The Great Gatsby," "Jay Gatsby" or simply "Gatsby" wouldn't have worked out too well.

There's nothing wrong with a law enforcement officer wanting to rap. No need for an explanation, right?

[via Gothamist]