Look down at ankles. If you worried about walking out in public with the socks you're wearing right now, you might want to listen carefully.

Nice Laundry is a startup that believes all men should be able to fill their drawers with fun, stylish and high-quality socks -- without breaking the bank. Off-white tube socks and boring black ankle socks just won't do.

The company emulates products found in high-end designer stores. While the company plans to manufacture its socks in the same factories that the department store use, Nice Laundry packs will be sold at budget-friendly prices. Nice Laundry is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter to reach the necessary production numbers. The startup has raised $51,794 with 26 days left on the crowdfunding platform.

The startup will even clear out your sock drawer for you. Nice laundry will send a prepaid shipping label with every order, so you can send your old, unmatched socks to be reused and repurposed for free.

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