Karl Urban is headed to television. According to Deadline, the Star Trek star has recently closed a deal - following very lengthy negotiations - to star in Fox's upcoming untitled J.J. Abrams/J.H. Wyman-produced drama (it was formerly known as Inhuman). 

Urban will appear opposite Michael Ealy in the drama, which will reunite him with Star Trek helmer Abrams. It's described as an "action-packed buddy cop show" set in a near future where all Los Angeles police officers are partnered with highly intelligent, human-like androids. Urban will portray human, emotionally guarded LAPD officer John Kennex, and Ealy will portray the android partner, Dorian.

We're assuming we should expect more scenes where android Dorian helps human Kennex get back in touch with his emotions even though he can't feel them himself as opposed to Terminator-like scenes where the androids take over the world. 

...then again, this is produced by J.J. Abrams. 

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[via Deadline]