Major news for The Daily Show: Beginning in June, correspondent John Oliver will sit in for host Jon Stewart on the show while Stewart directs his first film Rosewater, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting. Stewart's hiatus will last for a total of twelve weeks - eight weeks of which new episodes of The Daily Show are scheduled to be produced. 

Rosewater, Stewart's directorial debut, is based on Iranian-Canadian BBC journalist Maziar Bahari's New York Times-bestselling memoir, Then They Came for Me: A Family’s Story of Love, Captivity and Survival. Stewart also penned the screenplay. The memoir tells the story of Bahari's 2009 arrest by the Iranian government while he was covering an election protest in the country, and the subsequent 118 days of interrogation and torture he faced during imprisonment. Bahari was a guest on The Daily Show in 2011.

Oliver has been a correspondent for The Daily Show since 2006, and has been featured in some of the show's best skits, so this has the potential to be really hilarious. And Rosewater sounds good too, but that, of course, doesn't have the potential to be hilarious at all. Still, good things in the future!

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]