Two beavers built a dam that prevented an 8,000-gallon diesel fuel spill from contaminating the water of Utah's Willard Bay State Park. The brave beavers are currently receiving treatment at a local wildlife rehabilitation center after being coated in the toxic fuel. One beaver was already recovering when the other, which was in worse condition, was brought to the center.

According to DaLyn Ericksonexecutive director of the rehabilitation center, their condition is improving. “They are doing fairly well. One is coping better than the other,” she told the Salt Lake Tribune“There is some evidence they did at least sample some of the food left for them overnight. We are doing what we can and hoping for the best.”

As a sign of their appreciation, several locals have donated cottonwood branches and willow to feed the beavers. They're also feasting on carrots, yams, apples and a spring greens salad mix as they recover.

[via Discovery News]