So this is nifty: Google is experimenting with jewelry like rings to eliminate the need to remember several passwords. 

We first heard about the research in January, when the search giant revealed its plans to kill off the password in an academic paper. Last week, a principal engineer who specializes in security named Mayank Upadhyay explained the company's plan to turn slim USB keys into actual tokens, or password-encrypted jewelry that would be plugged directly into the computer. 

The password could not be copied or transferred, according to MIT Technology Review, who broke the story, and Google is trying to get other companies on board so the token can be used to access "different services and websites." 

Right now, Upadhyay says the password project is in "extremely early stages," but judging by how seamless it sounds—the company hopes to eventually embed the tech into actual browsers—it might not be long before we're looking at our baubles in a whole new way. 

[via MIT Technology Review]