Ever been so mad that you just started swinging? Well that's landed Tyshekka Collier in a heap of trouble. The 36-year-old was arrested and charged with assault and battery and disturbing school for slapping a child that she mistook for her own. 

Authorities in Spartanburg, SC say that Collier's son was in the midst of being suspended from Fairforest Middle School earlier this week when Collier arrived to pick him up. You know that kid was sitting in the principal's office like he was waiting for the Angel of Death whisk him into the afterlife. Anyway, when Collier arrived, she slapped the first boy she saw with his head down in the face. Unfortunately, that boy was not her son.

According to principal Ty Dawkins, the victim was also waiting to be picked up by his mother. Collier apologized, then proceeded to pounce on her own son, creating a horrific spectacle and understandably scaring most of the staff.

Spartanburg County Sheriff's Lt. Tony Ivey offered some parenting advice, as well as advice to keep you out of handcuffs. "I'd try to control your emotions a little bit when it comes to children and especially in public atmospheres here. Sometimes it's better to count to 10 or go off and cool off for a little bit, then go back with a level head before you start to discipline your children."

Collier's three children have been placed in protective custody until she chills out.

[via Gawker]