Back in 2002, Rockstar Games released State of Emergency, a title that put you into the shoes of a riot starter. Politicians slammed the game saying that it mimicked the 1999 World Trade Organization riots and protests in Seattle. Since then, there hasn't been a game that quite like that until now.

Former Valve designer Leonard Menchiari is in the process of crowd funding his Riot video game. Aimed for a Mac, iOS, PC, Android and OUYA release, Riot takes a deeper approach to urban uprisings by offering the perspective from both the rioters and law enforcement. "(By) playing both sides I can show what makes each side moral and immoral,” Leonard said in an interview with The Jace Hall Show. “That both point of views have their own values, and the largely different perspectives."

Check out the trailer below and the full interview with Menchiari over at The Jace Hall Show

[via The Jace Hall Show]