What if your car could give you feedback on how you're driving? It could be the key to saving hundreds of dollars a year in repairs and gas money.

The Automatic Link is a small plug-in (into where you usually plug your electronics) that's compatible with almost every car sold in the U.S. since 1996. The small white pack connects to the car's onboard computer, giving you access to that information for the first time.

The "Smart Driving Assistant" learns how you drive and gives you weekly reports that state how often you rough brake, speede and rapid ly accelerate -- processes which all eat up gas. The connected smartphone app will display how the distance you travel, how much gas is used and how you can increase fuel efficiency by tweaking your driving style.

The Automatic Link also gives you, your family or your partner access to the whereabouts of your car (great for alternate-side parking changes). The built-in accelerometer will also detect and notify dispatchers if you get into an accident. Once an ambulance is on its way, Automatic will also text your loved ones about where you are and what happened.

[via PSFK]