Facebook is desperate to maximize its revenue and keep shareholders happy, and in doing so has made advertising an integral part of the user experience. 

But if you find those banner ads and pop-ups annoying, guess what: You might have to pay to make them go away. That's according to Boy Genius Report, who says the worldwide social network might have plans to "introduce a monthly subscription fee option that gives users more features." Of course, that could mean anything, but it seems plausible the company would want to find a middle ground that pleases users while encouraging them to spend money. 

If the feature goes through, BGR believes the small advertisement boxes that appear on the homepage might be replaced with pictures from the user's own life, such as relatives, friends or pets. Paying members might also get other sweet perks, such as the ability to "display special status messages on their pages" or rank other users' profiles. 

[via Boy Genius Report]