D.C.'s premiere strip club is now at the center of a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Yesterday, an exotic dancer filed a suit in  D.C.'s U.S. District Court against Stadium Club, saying that a manager forced her to have sex with him to keep her job. 28-year-old Talayna Clements has accused the establishment of several injustices, such as creating a hostile work environment and sexual discrimination.

Clements' attorney says that the club's general manager coerced her into having sex with him following a party in July where several NFL players were present. Abusing his authority, the man asked her to have a drink with him and then dance for him. During the dance, he allegedly pulled down his pants and began to have sex with her.

According to her legal team, Clements was "intimidated," so she "unwillingly had sex with him for fear of losing her job and her livelihood." The trouble began a year ago when she got a tattoo of a "pistol, a grenade, a switchblade and a machine gun that spelled love" that covered half of her body.

When she was told the body art was a wanton disregard for the club's standards, she appealed the decision. Stadium is probably best described as a shit show of decadence.That's when the general manager reportedly asked her what she was willing to do to keep her job. This led to the incident last July, where he threatened to fire her if she didn't submit to his demands.

Clements says that not only were her human rights violated, she wasn't paid and was forced to pay the club. “We had a tip in fee with ranged for a minimum of $33 to $450,” she told ABC7. “I've paid over $580 to work on weekends.”

[via WJLA]

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