And now for a teaching moment from our friends across the pond ... 

A Bristol, U.K. boy named Danny Kitchen, 5, meant well—he only wanted to play Zombies v Ninja on his parents' iPad—so his parents were happy to oblige and give him their iTunes password. After all, they wanted to keep him busy, and the game was "free" to download. But within ten minutes, he'd gone on an in-app shopping spree, charging a whopping 2,500 pounds ($3,754.47) to his mother's credit card. 

"We could have bought a house with that!" his sister exclaimed, at which point Danny started to cry. 

Fortunately, Apple was kind enough to refund the money, but as Gizmodo points out, it might be nicer "if it stopped publishers putting abysmal, money-grabbing bundles of $100 crap in games aimed at children." 

Either way, better keep your gadgets on lock. 

[via BBC]