So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a chateau that sits on 1,000 acres in France, because why wouldn't they. The first batch of wine from their vineyards went up for sale online yesterday and sold out in a mere five hours.

The Miraval Rosé 2012 would only ship to addresses in France, but the $139, six-bottle cases were still snapped up by the afternoon. Pitt and Jolie "actively participated" in the making of their product, which apparently means going to "rosé blending sessions" and helping to redesign the bottle (the wine was previously released by the chateau's preceding owners under the name "Pink Floyd"). They're going to follow up with red and white wine from Chateau Miraval.

Don't worry though, they made 100,000 bottles that they'll be selling to stores and restaurants soon so you can get your hands on some. The first wine critic to taste it said it's "exuberant" and "energetic." That's totally what we were thinking, too!

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[via TIME]