Network: The WB
Air DatesSeptember 29, 1998 – May 22, 2002
Stars: Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley, Amy Jo Johnson, Tangi Miller, Greg Grunberg, Amanda Foreman, Ian Gomez

You have to applaud Felicity, a network show the held itself to a formal constraint that would limit the series to just four seasons (each one corresponding to the four years of a traditional college education). It's still not the norm for network series to exist with a definite endpoint in mind, and in 1998 it was even more unheard of.

Felicity marked J.J. Abrams first foray into TV as a show creator, and because of its acclaim, he was able to go on to even greater heights, with Alias and Lost (both included here). Both of those shows worked because Abrams cares about character.

Keri Russell's Felicity Porter is one of TV's most memorable women. Though she initially decides to attend college in New York because of a boy she's interested in, she chooses to stay in the city because it'll help her grow. TV needs more driven women like Porter. —RS