Following the success of Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell's record-breaking Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter, filmmakers Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman are taking to the site in an effort to fund a big film project of their own: A major Arrested Development documentary five years in the making, which features lengthy interviews with tons of the cast and creative team behind the show - as well as with Keith Olbermann, who is described as a major "enthusiast" for the series.

Smith and Lieberman are seeking just $20,053 to complete the project - money they need to buy the rights to photos from Fox to use in the documentary. From the description:

The overall goal of this documentary is to provide awareness of this brilliant, witty and original comedy that is like nothing else. We started by reaching out to Arrested fans on social networks, and the response was encouraging. We interviewed Arrested fans in and around Los Angeles, where we live. Then we were off to San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix (even though Lucille "would rather be dead in California, than alive in Arizona”) and Dallas. We headed Eastward to Omaha, Kansas City, Detroit, New York City, Boston (home of the first analyst-therapist), then Raleigh/Durham. We even visited "wee" London, Ontario. Finally, we went back to Los Angeles for interviews with the cast, crew and other industry players to find out the story behind the story of Arrested.

You can check out a trailer for the documentary above. As for the Kickstarter, there's still about 26 days left to donate, which you can do by head on over here.

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[via Deadline]