The friend who always takes the iPhone pictures at events and get-togethers will no longer have to miss out on memorable group photos. Dblcam is brand-new photo app mobile shutterbugs can use to take double-sided photos with the front- and back-facing cameras on the iPhone.

The free Dblcam app, available in the Apple App Store, takes one picture and snaps another shot immediately after the in-app shutter button goes off. The two pictures are combined in a diptych, which saves to the phone's camera roll. The app is great for dreamy landscape pictures, all-inclusive group photos and artsy combinations.

Dblcam pictures are also optimized to be shared on Instagram. The photo app was created by Social Print Studio, the maker of Instagram photo viewer Instagrid (which is currently undergoing a makeover after Instagram released its own online viewer).

[via Dblcam]