The video-streaming gods are really coming through this week. 

Not only is Netflix integrating with Facebook so you can spy on your friends' habits, AMC just announced its own movie-streaming service, Yeah, featuring new material alongside cult classics, reports CNET

The pay-per-view service, launched at South by Southwest Interactive on Wednesday, is definitely jumping into a crowded space already dominated by the likes of Amazon and Netflix, but what it has to offer in terms of content could set it apart. 

"We're different because we curate our content with original facts and quizzes and exclusive interviews that we produce," said general Manager Lisa Judson. "What we do is try to tell a story."


That story will be told through director's interviews and never-before-seen cuts, akin to bonus material you find on a DVD.

As far as how it will work, CNET says, "you'll be able to toggle to the content as it plays alongside the movie, and you can toggle it on or off. Each film costs $5 each, and viewers will have a month to watch it. Once they start watching, they'll have 48 hours to access it." Streaming movies without bonus footage will cost $2 each. 

[HT @iwantmedia]