Buzz continues to build around Apple’s rumored upcoming release of the iPhone 5S, and our never ending curiosity about how the device may look like is hitting a peak. Since the chances a third iPhone being left in a San Francisco bar by a drunk Apple employee is pretty much slim to none, the next best choice is building an iPhone around the latest rumors that might have some substance to them.

Dutch site iPhoneclub sponsored 3D model designer, Martin Hajek, to build his best guess as to what the next iPhone may look like. Many of the rumors that have been tossed around for the past few months have mentioned the iPhone 5S being a mini version of the 5, and some have dubbed it the “iPhone Mini.” Hajek’s models take into account that it may be smaller and built with less expensive materials. Not to mention, they have a splash of color as well. Check out Hajek’s 4-inch and 4.5 inch concept designs--they might satisfy your iPhone 5S hunger until the phone is unveiled this summer.

[via Mashable]