Stars: Adam Sandler, Emily Watson

Look, you're an average guy, right? Hell, for all we know you might even be described as "Sandleresque." This is a movie about a guy, like you, who becomes a stud. In the beginning, Barry (Sandler) is angry at the world and helpless, partially because his seven abusive, manipulative sisters make his life a living hell. He gets in trouble with a phone-sex company that tries to extort money—we're not saying you'd ever do something like that, but we all know moments of weakness.

Yet, he's pursuing Lena (Watson), and she likes him. Their blossoming love brings out the best in Barry, who stands up to his sisters and the phone-sex company. Turns out there was a hero within Barry all along. And there is probably a hero within you—if your date is enough to draw it out of you.