Stars: Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung

In the Mood for Love, the masterpiece in director Wong Kar-Wai's impressive career, is one of the most beautiful movies ever made, and nothing has such an intoxicating effect as beauty. The story is simple: Two couples move into the same building in Hong Kong circa 1962, and gradually the man and the woman discover that their partners are cheating on them with each other. (So maybe that isn't so simple).

From this smart starting place, Wong paints an aching picture of restraint. It's more about what the characters don't do, how they don't move, what they don't say, than anything else. Wong lets the repetition of certain musical motifs, the slow-motion sequences, costume changes, and gorgeous formal flourishes do more than any actor could.

And all of this not doing, will have you and your friend doing a lot.