It's not possible to get through life without watching a few date movies. It's going to happen, and it doesn't have to be a bad thing. These love stories in miniature are romantic roller coasters:

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Girl has an old boyfriend who's still in the picture. Boy's dad dies of cancer. Girl joins the army. Boy starts dating Girl's best friend. Girl gets cancer. Boy visits her in the hospital. They kiss. They get back together. They get engaged. Girl's cancer goes away. Boy gets cancer...

These films deliver all the agony and ecstasy of a passionate relationship, and by the end, when the lovers kiss and the credits roll, the person beside you on the couch has been put through the wringer. She's been up, she's been down, she's laughed, she's cried, and she believes that true love is possible. She believes in the power of romance and chivalry and all that jazz. She believes in the power of making love.

That's where you come in, bro. Here are 30 date movies that—in addition to not sucking—should get you laid.

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