Played By: Eron Tabor, Richard Pace, Anthony Nichols, Gunter Kleeman

I Spit on Your Grave went by a variety of titles—at one time it was called The Day of the Woman, and, after its release, I Hate Your Guts and The Rape and Revenge of Jennifer Hill were also used. Whatever you call it, though, director Meir Zarchi's controversial exploitation picture is legendary for its violence.

We first meet Jennifer Hill (Camille Keaton) shortly before she gets gang-raped by a group of dirty, abhorrent yokels. The rest of the film consists of a pissed-off but calmly manipulative Jennifer exacting her revenge on the men who were responsible. By the film's end, the redneck rapists are all dead, and unable to ever sexually violate another out-of-towner again.

Unsurprisingly, I Spit on Your Grave wasn't greeted warmly by critics. Roger Ebert, for example, initially called the film, "a vile bag of garbage...without a shred of artistic distinction." However, later critics have asked if the film can be read as a feminist text. Regardless of how you experience the film, you'll likely agree that many of the scenes are difficult to stomach.