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One of a group of four Canadian web series to take top honors at last year's LA Webfest, Divine pulls off the rare feat of doing something unique and challenging in the web series space. Relationship comedies dominate the landscape right now, which makes sense: The lowest budget location you can find is your apartment or your parents' house.

Divine, a daring production from Vancouver-based Maple Blood Productions, has sought to move the web series format outside of living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It opens as a young priest witnesses the resurrection of a divine being and it is off to the races from there. As soon as the being wakes up from his near-death (or, perhaps, post-death) experience, he begins his work of showing lost souls their true destiny, and you'll likely be along for the ride.

With its high production values and crisp storytelling, Divine shows that web boundaries can be pushed without major studio backing.