Why They Might Change The World: Bridges the gender equality gap and works to educate young women
Organization Founded: Let Us Stay Alive (LUSA)
Website: lusaprogram.org

Rwandan native Valens Ntamushobora decided to educate himself on the ways in which he can best serve his community. Through a Sprout e-course, a curriculum designed to train young people on social and environmental participation, Ntamushobora gathered 31 young people together to start the Let Us Stay Alive (LUSA) program.

With their 300 member cooperatives, LUSA aims to provide access to land, seeds, and greater opportunities for income for young girls who are mothers, not in school, or living on the streets. Through low cost efforts, LUSA provides women who are often ignored in community decision making with a chance at independence and good health.

For his efforts in women's education and gender equality, Ntamushobora was honored as a Pearsons Award Youth fellow.