Why They Might Change The World: Creates communities of future politcal and business leaders
Organization Founded: The Give One Project
Website: give1project.org

Coming from a family of 28 in the West African country, Senegal, Thione Niang knows all about organizing people for a common cause.

Seeing the potential of his peers to mold the socioeconomic and political futures of their communities, Niang founded The Give One Project—a global non-profit organization focused on empowering and engaging youth to take social and political action in their communities. Currently operating in France, the USA, Canada, and throughout West Africa, The Give One Project has encouraged many young activists to become leaders and impact the environments in which they live.

In 2011, Niang was named one of America's Top Ten Most Daring Young Black Activists and he continues to travel the world speaking to young people about leadership and service. He also hosts an online social forum called "The Thione Niang Show",  which is dedicated to socially conscious discourse about art, culture, business and politics.