Why They Might Change The World: Advocates and supports young people to be financially independent
Organization Founded: Saving for Education, Entrepeneurship, and Down Payment (SEED)
Website: sovhen.org

After earning a degree in social development, social worker Jeremiah Kimbugwe dedicated his time to helping his native Uganda. He began by founding a SEED: Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship, and Down Payment program in Uganda. SEED is an initiative that encourages kids to stay in school by providing them with tools to do at-home projects that help them save for basic needs.

Kimbugwe has since went on to join the organization SOVHEN, which focuses on giving young women the necessities to pursue an education and become financially independent.

Not only is Kimbugwe involved with educational programs for young children and women, but he also provides pro bono business services to people in his community to fuel the passion for entrepreneurship.