Why They Might Change The World: Prevents disease by quenching thirst
Organization Founded: Give Me Tap
Website: givemetap.co.uk

Born to Ghanaian parents, Edwin Broni-Mensah understood that little to no access to clean drinking water is a primary cause of disease and other health issues in rural Africa.

In 2010, while completing his final year of his mathematics PhD program, Broni-Mensah founded "Give Me Tap," a water bottle recycling program that works to provide access to clean drinking water in African communities. Give Me Tap customers purchase a high quality reusable water bottle and, with the use of a free mobile app, are able to locate the 188 partnering businesses throughout the UK that will refill their bottles with tap water for free.

In addition to promoting an eco-friendly habit, 70% of proceeds are used towards funding sustainable water sanitation and irrigation projects in Africa. The purchase of 2 Give Me Tap water bottles helps to provide one person with clean water for life.

With an effective system designed to overcome challenges to water access, Broni-Mensah's Give Me Tap has helped about 3,000 people get clean water.