Why They Might Change The World: Promotes green living, environmentally and economically
Organization Founded: ECOPUNTOS
Website: ecopuntos.com

By the age of 22, Camilo Jimenez of Colombia was a key orchestrator in creation of four non-profit organizations, but the most notable being ECOPUNTOS.

Founded on his belief that everyone should live a more environmentally conscious life, Jimenez created the ECOPUNTOS program to assist with keeping his community's carbon footprint down. Through the program, people trade in recyclable materials at ECOPUNTOS machines for movie tickets, mobile charges, and other rewards. So far, the ECOPUNTOS program has reached about 10,000 people in Bogota, Colombia. 20,000 recycled materials have been recovered, and sixteen organizations who resell the recycled materials have benefited financially.

Jimenez's ECOPUNTOS program is privately funded and continues to stimulate the local economy and promote global sustainability.