On the surface social media may just seem like a never-ending stream of likes, retweets, and inane chatter, but at its heart there's something very human driving it. The need to share with one another and express opinions about what we experience is all part of the human experience and systems that enable that are better for taking that into consideration.

Sony's already showed us part of their new online system that integrates your friends' purchase and play habits with their online marketplace to make more personalized recommendations based on titles that will be most socially relevant to you. We've also seen them tout the PlayStation 4's share button that allows players to transmit video of any game they're playing instantly to all friends who care to view it.

Beyond that though, we need to see a gaming system take into account your interests outside gaming, one that can make recommendations based on a much wider view of you as a person. Integrating your general online activity (and all that data we freely throw at Google and Facebook's servers) is a start, but a system that can analyze how those interests compare and contrast with your friends' and how they relate to your gaming experience could lead to a massively personalized and highly social experience.