What it communicates: Hey girl, I'm pretty serious about you.

You have to really know a woman well to successfully buy her a book. If you choose just the right novel—and this is no easy feat—you will send many positive signals. She'll know you care about her interests, listen to what she says, and actually read more than the back of the cereal box when left to your own devices.

The catch? All of the above will only apply if you choose wisely; the right pick will speak volumes (get it?). If she's a fantasy buff and you love watching Game of Thrones together, get her the book set. If she's into street art (or any art at all) get her Banksy's coffee table book. Or, take any literary gift up a notch and find a signed copy at a store like The Strand.

To really up the ante, be specific about why you chose the title so she doesn't think you made a wild grab at the "Recommended Reads" table. The more thought it looks like you put in, the more impressed she'll be.