With Sony teasing what is surely the reveal of the PlayStation 4 at the end of February, Microsoft has begun the slow deliberate leak of information about the specs of their new console.

The Edge cites that the next Xbox will be running a Blu Ray disc drive and an always on Internet connection. Additionally, their will be an improved Kinect interface that may be bundled with the 720. The bummer of these rumors is that the next Xbox will not allow the the use of second market games.

"Microsoft’s next console will require an Internet connection in order to function, ruling out a second-hand game market for the platform. A new iteration of Xbox Live will be an integral part of Microsoft’s next console, while improved Kinect hardware will also ship alongside the unit."

What do you think? Does this sound legit? Microsoft still hasn't officially announced anything, so this still may change, but what are your thoughts on the proposed ban on secondary market titles?

[via Edge]