One easy way to piss your girlfriend off on Valentine's Day is to get her a mediocre gift, or no gift at all. A guaranteed way to end your relationship is to shoot your girlfriend in the butt on Valentine's Day, as one Wisconsin man did.

The unidentified 24-year-old man from Oak Creek, WI was arrested for accidentally shooting his 21-year-old girlfriend in the butt on Valentine's Day. He reportedly called 911 around 5:45 p.m., explaining that he had shot the woman in the rear with a 9-millimeter handgun. 

The woman was treated for non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital, while her clumsy lover was questioned by police. He was arrested for endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon, but he has yet to be formally charged.

When a woman wants you to shoot her with your love gun, she probably doesn't mean your favorite 9mm. Also, what could you possibly be doing on Valentine's Day that would lead to you "accidentally" shooting your significant other in the butt? 

[via The Huffington Post]