Most Recent Projects: The Spectacular Now (2013), Bob's Burgers (2013), Key and Peele (2012), The Collection (2012), Hellbenders (2012), Freelancers (2012)

The Prognosis
: Don't question Andre Royo's work ethic. Like Michael Cain circa Jaws: The Revenge, the actor is making movies, quality be damned. He's got a bad cop movie with Robert De Niro (Freelancers), D-grade horror movie (The Collection) that bites its opening from Ghost Ship, and whatever the fuck Hellbenders is. Still, there are bright spots like a cameo on Bob's Burgers and this year's The Spectacular Now, an indie comedy that's building buzz. But how many of these roles require the range necessary to play Bubbles? You think a walk-on for Key and Peele will punch viewers in the gut like Bubs' attempted suicide? Nope.