Just as expected, Warm Bodies dominated the weekend box office despite the Super Bowl. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film pulled in a total of $20 million, impressive for a weekend that is generally pretty slow due to the Sunday games. This total isn't the best a film has done on Super Bowl weekend - last year's Chronicle pulled in $22 million on Super Bowl weekend - but it's still a definite success for the box office and its studio, Summit Entertainment

As for the other new film released this weekend, the Sylvester Stallone-starring Bullet to the Head, well - it may as well have taken a bullet to the head upon arrival in theaters. The film pulled in a measly $4.5 million, which is even less than early predictions had the studio anticipating. Not surprising news considering the timing of its release, of course, but still - bad news for Stallone. Officially, the film sits at the sixth spot in the box office.

Taking the number two spot is last week's new release, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, which pulled in $9.2 million this weekend. At number three was Silver Linings Playbook, which has been doing astonishingly well in wide release thanks to numbers awards, word of mouth, and Oscar Buzz. The film has gradually been opening in more and more theaters since last November, and has earned a total of $80.4 million domestically - and is on track to hit the $100 million mark soon.

Rounding off the top five were both of Jessica Chastain's newest films - Mama took the fourth spot with $6.7 million, and Oscar contender Zero Dark Thirty took the fifth spot with $5.3 million earned.

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