As predicted, Warm Bodies is off to a great start in the box office. According to early reports, the film pulled in an impressive $8.1 million on Friday night, putting it on track for a solid $19 million to $20 million opening weekend. These are great numbers for a weekend like this, when most people will be at home watching the Super Bowl rather than heading out to the theaters. Luckily for Warm Bodies, its target demographic is mostly made up of young women, who are less likely to be occupied by the games on Sunday.

Not so lucky was Sylvester Stallone's most recent action flick, Bullet to the Head - apparently, it only pulled in a dismal $1.7 million on Friday night, and is predicted to make only $5 million or $6 million for the whole weekend. This was anticipated, though, once again because of the Super Bowl. Considering the films target audience is men who will be watching the games, this was pretty much the worst weekend to release it.

Stay tuned for full weekend box office numbers.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]