If happiness doesn't come from a bottle, then surely it must come from perusing the iPads and iPods at Apple. 

“If I ever feel I’m dropping down from an excitement level, I go in a store … it’s like a Prozac,” CEO Tim Cook said at a Goldman Sach's conference in San Francisco Tuesday morning. “It’s a feeling like no other.”

Perhaps it's the soothing sound of cash registers he hears. According to him, "our average store does $50 million in revenue," and Apple currently has 400 stores in 12 countries. The company plans to expand by adding 30 more this year, the first of which will open in Turkey. 

Cook noted that 370 million people visited an Apple store last year, with 120 million of them going in the last quarter alone. He credits part of the iPad's success to that number, though in his mind the store has yet to tap its full potential. 

[via Venture Beat]